Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What to Buy and What Not to Buy at the Dollar Tree

If you're on a very strict budget, you've probably asked yourself whether or not you should buy groceries at the Dollar Tree. The idea seems alluring when all the items are just one dollar! However, some deals are not deals at all. When I first moved to the city and had to decide between food or my rent, I found myself at the Dollar Tree. I was so excited when I found cans of tuna fish for only a dollar! However, I later found out that tuna is retailed at 87c per can..

 With this being said, there are some great food items to be found at the Dollar Tree.

What to buy: Quick Oats
The Dollar Tree offers an 18oz container of quick oats for only $1, whereas brand name oats can cost $2.68. 

What not to buy: Tuna
The Dollar Tree offers tuna fish for $1 per can, whereas other grocery chains offer tuna for 87c or less!

What to buy: Candy
 Great deals on candy can be found at the Dollar Store, and often times there will be deals that offer two for the price of one.

What not to buy: Nuts 
The Dollar Store offers a variety of trail mixes and single packages of nuts, but the excessive sodium and added unnatural ingredients takes away the quality of the items. 

What to buy: Soy Milk
I was amazed when I found cartons of soy milk in the Dollar Tree, but they offer 16oz cartons with all natural ingredients and no added sugar for only $1! 

What not to buy: Canned Vegetables 
The Dollar Tree offers a wide variety of canned vegetables, yet the low quality of the vegetables is not worth the price. 

What to buy: Ramen Noodles
The Dollar Tree offers 12 packages of Ramen Noodles for $1, whereas other retailers offer the noodles for $2! 

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